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Realization of your DevOps dreams starts here. We at DevOps labs are here to provide the best DevOps Consultancy and staffing Solutions that money can buy at an affordable price with extreme value. We keep your DevOps organization competitive, ahead of schedule, and under budget

Key Service what we provide for you

We are Devops Labs. We specialise in: staffing, cloud native build and deploy pipelines, devops security, and devops consulting.

Cloud Migrations (AWS/Google/Azure etc)

Moving data, applications, and other elements to a cloud computing environment

SRE Consulting

Creating scalable and extremely reliable systems

Devops Consulting & Training

Offering a detailed strategic plan and guidance during the whole process

Containers for Automation Testing

Allowing the application to run quickly and reliable between computing environments

Java Microservices

Delivering the application code in small and manageable pieces

Infrastructure as a Code

Managing and provisioning infrastructure through code instead of manual processes

Streamline Agile Development

Supporting well-ordered and simple communication between application development and the IT operations teams

Javascript Frontend & Backend Services

Making the web application interactive and improving the user experience

PHP/Python Development

Using one of the most popular programming languages to create a dynamic web page

Mobile Apps Development

Engaging mobile user’s attention to the product

key services

Why We?

  • Cost Optimization via Automation
  • We’re forming Devops Culture
  • We automate everything
why us

How you can hire us?

Team Extension

You hire one or more developers who have specified, required particular project skills.

Dedicated Team

If you choose Dedicated Team, that means you engage the whole team, which takes care of the project and works separately in their office.

Time & Materials

Our engineers complete definite tasks on your project and you pay only for the spent time.

Turnkey Software Development

As a result, you have got a software product that is designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete and ready to operate.

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